Spare parts: Free trolleys for Power & Free conveyors

P&F trolleys for forged chain conveyor (Webb type).

An essential component of the P&F conveyor, the free trolleys are the object of a high quality manufacturing and assembly. Composed of forged or moulded parts, they are equipped with the same bearing and rollers as chain trolleys. FROST France trolleys are compatible with WEBB or CFC conveyors. Also available, on demand, the trolleys for FATA forged conveyors.

Free trolleys available (front, intermediate and rear):

  • Carts for BR 32
  • Carts for BR 3"
  • Carts for BR 4"
  • Carts for BR 6"

For each of these references we offer you the refurbishment, in our workshops or the component parts for renovation by you.

For each conveyor size, we provide front, rear, intermediate and mix trolleys with normal or high temperature greasing.

Bi rail conveyor trolleys 

As with other components, Bi rail 32000 or 2000 conveyor belts   available on demand.