Power & Free Conveyors

Adopt a worldwide standard!

These POWER & FREE conveyors are studied to transport loads from 1 kg to 5000 kgs and more in various industries such as surface treamtment, automotive or agri-food.

Built on the basis of our 3’’, 4’’ and 6”inch forged chain overhead conveyors, they offer to your facilities the qualities that have become indispensable for the majority of lines, especially in the treatment and coating of Surfaces.

CAPACITY OF the FROST France Power & Free conveyors:

The BR range includes 5 conveyor sizes depending on the load:

  •  BR 32 for loads up to 100 kg on 2 trolleys
  •  BR 3 for loads up to 400 kg on 2 trolleys
  •  BR 4 for loads up to 1,000 kg on 2 trolleys
  •  BR 446 for loads up to 2,000 kg on 2 trolleys (circuit -200m)
  •  BR 466 for loads up to 2,000 kg on 2 trolleys (circuit -500m)