FROST France overhead monorail conveyors

Adopt a worldwide standard!

A full range for loads from a few kilograms to several tons.

These monorail conveyors, of simple and reliable design, are composed of an I-BEAM on the wings from which trolleys circulate with a regular pitch, connected by a X Type forged Chain.

This chain is towed by a drive unit and constantly stretched by a automatic tension unit.

Unlike all other types of conveyors, our drive units can tow up to 500 meters of chain per unit, avoiding synchronization systems, expensive and cumbersome.

Our Monorail conveyors offer multiple technical possibilities in order to the best adaptation to the requirements of surface treatment lines.

In addition, they are standardized around the world, which gives you a perpetuity and competition, in terms of spare parts as well as modifications.

Multiple combinations of hooks:

  • On one or more trolleys.
  • Hanging on link bars or directly on trolleys.
  • On rotating hooks to present the piece in position following the equipment.

A simple and reliable design

  • World standard chain X228, X348, X458 or X678 .
  • Trolleys charge support with protected bearings and long-lasting greasing up to 250oC (no oil projected). Up to 5 years without greasing. (Consult us)
  • Permanent chain tension with spring voltage group or counterweight.
  • Caterpillar or motorcycle training group.

A minimum maintenance cost

  • Long-lasting grease offering up to 8000 hours without intervention on trolleys at 250 degrees max.
  • Half-hard steel IAS rail.
  • Trolley rolls visible throughout the conveyor.
  • The equipment can be delivered in a kit to reduce costs.
  • The equipment can be delivered in a kit to reduce costs.

Drive units and tension systems

Drive units can be of two types:

"CATERPILLAR" type for 500 to 2000 daN Maxi traction effort

Wheel type for 100 to 500 daN Maxi of traction effort

These units are coupled with the tension system (moto tension units)

Chain tendors

"Spring Type": for traction efforts up to 500 daN

"Counterweight" type: for traction efforts - 500 daN