Bi-chain conveyors on the ground

Distributor of conveyors   FROST France is able to offer you the full range of bichain ground conveyors:

Ground conveyors with accumulation chains with flat link "System 08" allow to create particularly flexible installations.

They are used whenever products transported on pallets need to be handled or manufactured quickly, accurately and silently, making workstations in series or in parallel.

In ground conveyors with accumulation chains the interconnections are managed through specific functions such as:

  •  Advancement of loads per unit or batch, on request of workstations, with automatic shutdown of unrestrained loads and with real autonomy of each load.
  •  Accumulation (storage) of loads in a part of the facility away from production flows
  •  Accumulations between the various workstations
  •  The ability to double the speed of transport in different parts of the facility to reduce travel time
  •  Stopping pallets with extreme precision
  •  Advance loads at specific rates and relative to part of the installation
  •  Selecting loads through a coding system or barcodes on the product
  •  Orthogonal transfers among several lines

Bichain conveyors are used on assembly, transfer or paint lines.


MONORAIL Inverted conveyors  

Distributor in France of CONVEYORS conveyors, FROST France is able to carry out installations ranging from the line for the plastics industry to the towline. Offering many possibilities of implantations and a proven robustness, this inverted conveyor is proposed in 2 sizes depending on your requirements.

Power and Free inverted Conveyor  

FROST France manufactures manufactures P&F inverted conveyors with a forged chain for loads of up to 100kg. Unlike monorail conveyors, these conveyors allow for accumulations, switches, different application speeds, as well as high accuracy for robotic applications.


Power and Free inverted Conveyor 

Distributor in France of CONVEYORS conveyors, FROST France is able to carry out continuous handling facilities in the plastics industry. Offering many implementation possibilities and proven robustness, this inverted conveyor allows the installation of switches, stop stations, different chain speeds as well as the installation of mast rotation systems. particularly precise.