Automation renovation on existing conveyor installations

FROST France offers its experience in renovating of the automation of conveyors, whether overhead or floor conveyors.

Your conveyors are in perfect mechanical condition but an automaton or outdated components cause you repetitive problems, penalizing your production? We are renovating your installation PLC system for you. Setting up a new automaton, adding a coding or monitoring system, replacing obsolete sensors or detectors, we can help you regain the reliability you lack.

You are unable to make program changes on your automaton? We replace it and give you a backup so you are not a captive customer.

You are extending your installation, the addition of another drive unit is necessary? We use the latest technologies in terms of speed variation and engine timing to enslave one unit over the other.

FROST France is also the mastery of the coding of rudder scales as well as adapting to your use of computer supervisions of complete lines.