Spare parts: Trolleys and curve rollers

FROST France chain trolleys

FROST France also assembles and greases the trolleys that are assembled on our chains. Available on stock in the following greasing versions for Normal Temperature (80oC maximum) or High Temperature (240C maximum):

  • 2" with tingle or reinforced bearing
  • 3" with full ball bearings (joint balls) or Retainer (cage)
  • 3"/4" (trolleys 3" on 4") with Full Ball or Retainer bearings
  • 4" with Full Ball or Retainer bearings
  • 4"/6" (trolleys 4" on 6" chain) with Full Ball or Retainer bearings
  • 6" with Full Ball or Retainer bearings

Also available is a range of specific trolleys with execution plastic wheels for silent chain or stainless steel for the food industry.

Trolley accessories such as A, B, H, I, J, P or Bi rail conveyor pushers are available.

The FROST France curve rollers

Curve pebbles are an essential component of forged chain conveyors. That's why our pebbles meet the most stringent requirements for their manufacture.
The choice of steels and the quality of assembly or greasing make FROST pebbles a reference in this field.

Our rollers are available for conveyors 2", 3" 4" and 6" webb type or for FATA conveyors for 4" and 6".

A wide range of guide or special rollers is also available.